UPCO Bone Meal- Powerful Calcium Boost for Dogs

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UPCO Bone Meal- Imported Calcium for Dogs

Bone meal is a natural source of calcium, phosphorus and essential minerals for nursing bitches and fast growing puppies. Helps in proper development of offspring and proper bone growth in growing animal.

  • All natural high power calcium supplement for dogs
  • Helps in thick bones i. e bone density
  • Ensures proper height of dog
  • Proper growth of jaws, teeth and head Imported from USA

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UPCO Bone Meal- Imported Calcium for Dogs

Looking for a natural way to support your pregnant pet’s growing pups or your fast-growing furry friend? Look no further than UPCO’s Bone Meal! This steamed, 1-pound powerhouse is packed with calcium, phosphorus, and essential minerals, offering the crucial building blocks for strong bones, healthy teeth, and proper development.

Why Choose UPCO Bone Meal?

  • Natural Support: Crafted from real bone, this supplement harnesses the natural goodness of calcium and phosphorus, crucial for growing animals.
  • Pregnancy & Puppy Power: Promote the healthy development of your pet’s offspring during pregnancy and lactation with this targeted nutritional boost.
  • Growing Strong: Fuel your puppy’s rapid growth with the essential minerals needed for sturdy bones and healthy teeth.
  • Beyond Puppies: Ideal for pregnant/nursing cats and even adult dogs who need extra calcium and phosphorus support.
  • Easy to Use: Simply add a 1/2 teaspoon to your pet’s daily ration for convenient supplementation.
  • Trusted Choice: Breeders around the world have relied on UPCO’s Bone Meal for over a decade, making it a proven choice for pet health.


More Than Just Calcium & Phosphorus:

Bone Meal also provides a wealth of other beneficial minerals, aiding your pet’s body in absorbing essential nutrients just like plants take minerals from the soil. It’s an all-natural way to promote your pet’s overall well-being and healthy growth.

Invest in your pet’s future with UPCO Bone Meal. Order yours today and witness the difference!

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