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DogsandFur Story!

        Hi there! I’m the founder of DogsandFur, and like you, I believe dogs deserve the absolute best. My passion for these incredible companions led me on a journey to find products that truly nourish their well-being and unleash their inner champion. My Quest for Quality: My search was drawn to the American & European brands known for their commitment to natural ingredients. My reasoning? Simple. Nature provides the best fuel for our furry friends, regardless of breed or weather conditions. Harsh chemicals and artificial additives have no place in their bowls. Bringing the Best to India through DogsandFur: Fueled by a desire to share this discovery, I proudly brought these top-notch US brands to India. Now, you too can experience the joy of seeing your dog thrive with:
  • Muscular development: Nourish their inner athlete with formulas designed to support optimal muscle growth and performance.
  • Strong immunity: Give your canine companion the natural defenses they need to face any adventure with confidence.
  • Complete health: Go beyond just food and discover a range of products that care for your  dog’s overall well-being, from skin and coat health to joint support.
About Us Image showing A man snuggling a dog
About Us Image showing A man snuggling a dog

Happy Dogs, Happy Lives:

    Seeing the smiles on the Dog Owners’ faces & their very happy and playful dogs is what drives us at DogsandFur. We believe that when a dog’s health is complete, their happiness shines through. Witnessing the countless muscular breed owners who finally see their dogs living to their full potential is our greatest reward.

Join the Pack:

    We invite you to explore our range of European & US-made, natural dog care products and embark on a journey of complete health and happiness for your beloved canine companion. Happy shopping!


    Your Dog deserves the best. That’s why we source premium imported supplements from Global Leaders in the Segment. Veterinarian-recommended & Rigorously tested, they support your Pet’s health & happiness. From joints to skin & digestion, we offer a variety of Products to fit their needs. Ask our pet experts for personalized advice!

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Easy to Use

No Mixing, No Wasted Product. Always a Perfect & Balanced Serving.

Best Quality

More Protein, More Vitamins, More Muscle Building Ingredients that your Dogs will Love.

100% Safe / All Natural

100% Safe & Natural. No Harmful ingredients like Creatine or Steroids.

Highest Rated​

Our Products are Tested & have Great Ratings Globally.

Most Trusted

Used & Trusted by World's Top Breeders, Trainers, & K9 Units and Dog Owners Across the Globe.

Imported Products

Our Products are Imported & Comply All Norms & Certifications.

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