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Dog Show Measurement German Shepherd

Is Your German Shepherd Show-Ready? Unveiling the Winning Measuring Tape Technique!

Imagine your majestic German Shepherd, glistening coat catching the spotlight, prancing confidently in the ring. But wait, a furrowed brow from the judge… could it be a disqualification due to size? Yikes! Fear not, fellow German Shepherd aficionados, because knowing the measurement game for Indian dog shows is your key to strutting into victory (and avoiding bandana-sized disqualifications).

First things first, let’s ditch the confusion. Forget comparing your pup to your neighbor’s “big boy.” Breed standards in India, set by the Kennel Club of India (KCI), are your ultimate guide. These detailed blueprints outline the ideal dimensions for each breed, including your beloved German Shepherd. Think of it as a tailor-made blueprint for canine perfection!

German Shepherd Measurements for Dog Shows

Now, grab your trusty measuring tape (and maybe a treat to keep your furry friend cooperative). Here’s what you need to measure:

  • Height: Stand your dog squarely, then measure from the highest point of their shoulder blades (withers) to the ground. Males should be 24-26 inches (61-66 cm), while females fall within 22-24 inches (56-61 cm). Remember, an inch too tall or short could mean curtains for your show dreams.
  • Length: This isn’t about their tail wagging distance! Measure from the point of their shoulder to the base of their tail. The ideal ratio is 10:8.5, meaning your dog should be longer than they are tall. Think of it as a sleek, powerful rectangle, not a fluffy cube.

But wait, there’s more! KCI recognizes two coat types for German Shepherds: stock coat and plush coat. Each has slightly different size ranges, so double-check the specific standards for your dog’s coat type. It’s like choosing the right outfit for the occasion – you wouldn’t send your pup to the show in a poodle skirt, would you?

Remember, these measurements are a starting point. Consult your breeder or veterinarian for guidance, especially if your dog is young or still growing. They can help you interpret the standards and ensure your furry friend is strutting their stuff within the ideal range.

So, unleash the measuring tape, brush up on the KCI standards, and transform your German Shepherd into a show-stopping masterpiece! Remember, it’s not just about winning ribbons; it’s about celebrating your dog’s unique beauty and adhering to the breed’s heritage. Now go forth and conquer the ring, fellow Shepherd lovers! And hey, if your pup falls outside the show standards, don’t fret! Their love and loyalty are priceless, regardless of their official measurements.

German Shepherd Dog Show Measurement
German Shepherd Dog Show Measurement

More Detailed Measurement & How to Calculate:

Those who have seen GSD speciality shows and during the individual examination the judges check for dentition, 2 descended testicles & of course up and down movement to see for any faults in the hinds & forelegs. But apart from that the judge uses a measuring scale, which I guess is not available in India & u have to import from Germany.

So what is that they measure
1. Measure the height of dog at withers.
2. Measure the chest depth.
3. Also measure the distance between ground and elbows to see how much day light is there and also short forelegs.

Now i will give some examples, it is very simple.
Ideally the chest depth should be 45% to 50% of withers height. Ideally the distance between ground and elbows should be 55% of withers height. So now lets calculate

1. Withers height is 26 then chest depth is 13 inches (50% of withers height)

2. Withers height is 26 then chest depth is approximately 11.7 inches (45% of withers height)

26 x 45
———— = 11.7 so make it 12 inches

3. Withers height is 26 then distance between floor and elbow is 55% so it should be 14.3 inches.

26 x 55
————- = 14.3 or 15 inches


Now coming to ratio of length to height at withers:

The SV (WUSV and FCI) Standard for the German Shepherd Dog says, “The length of torso exceeds the measure of the withers height by about 10 – 17%.” That translates to between an 8.5-to-10 and a 9-to-10 ratio of height to length. The length should be from tip of prostenum to tip of end of pelvis For example if the dog length is 29 inches then as per the ratio of 8.5:10

So we calculate 29 x 8.5 / 10 = 24.65
24.65 is the height at withers of dog or in simple terms if height is 24.65 then length will be

24.65 x 17
—————- = 4.1905

Now add 24.65 + 4.19 = 28.84 (which is rounded up to 29)

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~ By Dr. Gautam Srivastava

LUV SHEP Kennel, Vijaywada

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