Canina CALCINA MEAT BONE MEAL – #1 Source of Rich Calcium

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It’s a dietary calcium supplement specifically formulated for dogs.


  • Promotes Healthy Growth: Supports the development of strong bones and teeth.
  • A natural source of calcium and phosphorus,
  • Also supports a healthy skeletal structure and overall bone health.
  • Improves Bone Density: Prevents bone-related issues in all life stages.
  • Easy to Administer: Mixes easily with regular food.
  • For growing puppies, pregnant or lactating mothers (to increase milk production), and senior dogs with declining bone density.
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Premium Natural Calcium for Strong Bones and Healthy Growth.

Ensure your dog’s optimal health with Canina® CALCINA Meat Bone Meal Powder, the best calcium supplement for dogs. This high-quality meat bone meal provides a natural source of calcium and phosphorus, essential for strong bone health, proper muscle function, and overall growth. Suitable for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs, this supplement is highly absorbable, ensuring your dog receives maximum nutritional benefits.

A Dog gets its calcium requirements from the bones that come along with the Meat…

Canina CALCINA MEAT BONE MEAL is the most natural source of Calcium.

  • Contains 12.2% calcium and 5.9% phosphorus
  • has a positive effect on digestion
  • high taste acceptance

Canina CALCINA MEAT BONE MEAL is Available in Sizes/ Weight: 250g / 800g / 3Kg / 5Kg

This consists of products obtained from bone and which must not be fed to ruminants. [an animal (such as a cow or sheep) that has more than one stomach and that swallows food and then brings it back up again to continue chewing it.]

Ingredients: 50.3% Protein, 5.9% Phosphorus, 12.6% Fat, 27.4% Raw Ash, 12.2% Calcium

Feeding recommendation per animal per day for Canina CALCINA MEAT BONE MEAL:

Measured in teaspoons up to 10 kg up to 20kg over 20kg
DRY FOOD 1 1.5 3
WET FOOD 1.5 3 4

(1 teaspoon = approx. 7g)

From the 30th day of pregnancy, the dosage should be doubled according to the table (2 x maintenance requirement).
For lactating Dogs according to the table :
4 puppies = 2 x Recommended Feed
4-6 puppies = 4 x Recommended Feed
from 6 puppies = 5 x Recommended Feed

A Meat bone meal of German origin.



Invest in your dog’s health with Canina® CALCINA Meat Bone Meal Powder. This premium supplement ensures your dog receives essential nutrients for strong bones, healthy teeth, and optimal muscle function. Trusted by veterinarians, it’s the natural choice for comprehensive canine health.

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250g, 800g, 3Kg, 5Kg

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    Very nice product, worth the money.

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    The product was recieved firmly packed and the delivery was very fast.

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    Very well developed and perfect mix of essential ingredients.

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    Super Quality Products, I can see a positive change in my Dog.

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    Good consultation service and products are of very high quality.

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    Nicely explained and easy to navigate the site.

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